Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Morning in Early September

It was erie this morning. Early morning mist obscured the trees in front of me as I sat at a stoplight. Brilliant ruby red, piercing in its clarity. Cars whipped by in front of me... like a corridor of reality cutting through another world. I was in that other world. All my fears, doubts, frantic things to do, work... all melted into the insubstantial nothingness of an imagined world. The real things.. the important things.. the vibrant, vital things were, of course, over there. Moving on. Rushing on without me down the highway, 90 degrees to where I was hovering in limbo. When the light turned green, had there been noone behind me, I might have simply stayed where I was, signal light blinking its fog-muted yellow into the mist. Clickclick. Claclick. Clickclick... til it simply wore itself out & stopped blinking. Limbo. Sweet, peaceful, nothing-is-required-of-you-you-don't-have-to-be-anywhere-anytime-anyplace-anyone-for-any-reason-don't-have-to-feel-anything-not-responsible-for-anything-anybody-noone's-mad-hurt-unhappy-ever limbo. Instead, with a deep sigh, I jumped into the stream and drove on. Re-engaged. The green light commanded me. The car behind me sent anxious, demanding waves of thought at me: Go! Go! Go, Amy. Join the other lemmings in their mad dash to whatever or wherever it is we're all going in such a gawdawful hurry.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Morning's Thought

I woke up wanting you.

The new blanket lay against my skin
soft as fur
and for a brief moment I could imagine
it was the hair on your chest
lying soft against my breasts

I woke up wanting you all slow-like
Not fast, as I sometimes do
Sometimes I want you hard & quick
With intent flaring in your eyes
And a dare just there upon your lips
Passion either laughing or no,
But rough & tumble...
Devil take anyone who tries to stop you

But this morning, I wanted you slow
I wanted time to stop,
The world quit around us
I felt the blanket against my skin
And imagined it was the length of you,
Warm body heat... skin on skin...
shoulder to toe
I lay there soaking in the warmth, basking
for ever so long
And wanted

For this to be a morning where
you just can't quite put your finger on where
insensible sleep turns into touching
the tiniest of muscles twitch,
& you know the person next to you has engaged
yet so slow.. ever so slow
the movement towards one another could ache
with tension.. but not THIS morning
because the world is gone

there is no pressure to move.. to get up.. to go
there are no children screaming elsewhere in the house
noone to feed or coddle or mediate over
there are no bills, no work, no schoolwork earlier forgotten
no alarm clock jangling nerves
we are not hungry, we do not have to pee
we feel clean and sweet of body and breath
the air is that perfect temperature
to allow covers or no, it does not matter
the light is nebulous - just enough to see by
but not enough to scream you must get up

Everything slides together & flows
and soon you find lips meeting, greeting
not even yet questing
just touching lightly in a soft hello

and fingertips brush lightly
soft as the hair on your arms.. your legs
from shoulders to toes they tiptoe
and caress and waken little bits of skin and self
to touch.. to warmth
We touch over all of ourselves
nooks & crannies & tiny indentions
imperfections become an interesting quest
learning all over again
all the tiny secrets of each other's skin
and how the muscles play together
and where the soul connects
and on the way
find reminders of tiny places that wake shivers
tiny places that make your nipples
crinkle in response

lips follow fingertips
butterfly caresses all over
any intent still so far away as to be irrelevant
If the world intruded there would yet be no
frustrated abrasion of need
and yet
there is a happy dawning desire on the horizon
and we look and know and move towards it in accord

We have time
to lay side by side
legs and hands entwined
where I can play with your hair
and explore hands, arms
whatever skin we can reach
maybe we talk ever so softly about nothings
or maybe we just listen carefully
to the things our hands have to say
our bodies speak loudly
if we shut up long enough to listen

We have time
to lay with me behind you
breasts pressing against your back
where my hands can roam your chest
your stomach
cup you gently and tease that soft plateau
between stomach and thigh
then switch
to lay with you behind me
where your hands can roam
cup my breasts & softly tease the nipples
slide across every curve and find
every hollow which pleases you
where I can feel you pressing softly
against my back, my butt, my thighs
as you grow tumescent

Over many many ticks and lengths of time
touching becomes more intent
fingers begin to do less fluttering and more caressing
A nipple is tweaked
a fingernail rakes softly across your thigh
still softly... but with intent
Later, they might dig deep in passion

Later, who knows where we might go
I want to hear you moan
and watch your hands clench the sheets...
or the bed... or me...
You will smile to watch me writhe
twisting under your ministrations
wrenching tiny mewls from my lips
and stealing them away with yours

Tiny intakes of breath will become gasps
of surprize, of pleasure
We will twine together in so many ways
We may forget where one of us begins
and the other leaves off
I want to feel your weight full above me
where I cannot escape
where you look at me with a pirate's gleam in your eye
and know I am at what little mercy you may show
I want to look down upon you
and hold you captive
the length of you my playtoy
all your great strength now mine to command

and all of it... all of it
begins in that slow morning something
and there is no time, no world, no intent,
no people, no inhibitions,
no concerns, no second-guessing, no nothing
that interrupts us
When we finally emerge
we will be surprized. a little stunned
to find the world went on without us
Whether it's an hour... or days...

or maybe even years later
For us there is no time
nothing that matters
but this touch of skin on skin
this exploring of self

Our bodies have so much to say
if we just shut up long enough to listen.