Saturday, November 26, 2005


They seem so sure, my hands
As they roam this beautiful body of yours
Which houses such an infinite soul

They seek to touch
To know the fullness of you
To integrate self to self
To heal, to soothe
Connect one piece of self to the next

They seek, as a mother touches
Each tiny toe on her new child’s foot
To touch each part of you
Ensure you’re whole
That the world has not torn you asunder
Since last we met.

I am awash with wonder at your very existence.


We awaken to one another
Slowly, oh so slowly
Slight petals of self
Unfurl one by one

We come to trust
In miniscule increments
The affections we bask in
Will not blink out and disappear
With but a moment’s notice

Small furled parts of me
Creep timidly to the edge of shadow
Peer with longing eyes
At the soft warmth of your hands
As you stroke
My hair, my lips, my thighs

Ever closer they come
Respond to your coaxing
When you murmur sweet things
In a voice low & warm with flame and promise
While the soft warmth of your hands
Stroke more intimate parts of me
Until I must surrender one more bit of self
Then lie curled and warm,
Protected in your embrace until dawn.