Tuesday, April 23, 1991

Stop for the Silence Loud

It's 4am
and several years later
The sun still thinks of its early morning journey.
The moon yawns sleepily away
The birds have awakened.
In full chorus they greet this crisp hour's chime.
Too cold yet for crickets
Still I saw my first mosquito
Not many hours ago.
Should i care to dampen my feet,
Dew would still tickle my toes:
Its prepubescent banter renews each dawn.
Have I changed so very, I wonder?
More cynical perhaps
Less free, new chains I bind myself with
Old loves grown stale & forgotten by the other
They forge tight bitter links, do they not?
A coyote's howl echoes 'lorn
Brother how many dawns til you find peace?
I echo your sentiment, but do not cry
The sound slams 'round my heart
til it dies out in weariness.
It itches, I scratch
It pains me, I mourn
It is happy, I laugh
It serves for sorrow, I cry
But I do not cry out.
'Twould scare the birds, and though still alone,
'Tis yet a marvelous thing to hear a bird stretch.
Have you stopped to hear my silence?