Monday, January 01, 1990

Cum, Love (no, it's just a fantasy!)

Come a little closer, love
Let flame fall upon your hair
Cold sweat sheens upon my body, love
You look so debonair
As you can see, I'm all tied up
and busy in my way
So cum a little closer love,
And let me have my way
Pull a little tighter, love
I've almost got away
Your chains can't hold me always, love
With kindness on the way
Strike me one more time, my love
The skin's not broken yet
You promised me erotic spice
Which I expect to get
Spear me yet again, my love
Show me no respite
Allow me no response, my love
Use those teeth to bite.
Your leather smells of sex, my love
Your skin of fear and hate
Hate me one more time, my love
Come on, it's getting late.