Thursday, June 21, 1990

Untitled 1989

I do understand
That wistful yearning
that falls across one -
As the sun sinks below the earth
And the crickets sing and hum a lover's tune
In the soft warm breezes of the month of June.

I know how the hunger rides warm swells
Closer and closer, in no even rhythm
Breaking waves upon ones' soul
In uneven moments.

How, of a sudden,
Like the hammer of a heartbeat,
You feel you can no longer bear
to be alone.
Even a brief moment --
A deep yearning to be held in anothers' arms.

To be,
to learn, to explore together
To have with you a friend
which whom you can unveil
your eyes for a time
and forget all else.

As the sun sinks below the earth
And the insects hum their tune
In the soft warm breezes
Of the month of June.

Friday, June 01, 1990

Untitled 1989

I tried to weed through my box again --
Foolish girl!
I should have known
It's to that box that all my past
has developed wings and flown.

Must paper
long-dried ink
programs, flowers
a can from which Jeff drank.

Poems --
some foolish, childish young dreams,
Quotations from Shakespeare
diaries cracked at the seams.

I can look on my notes, passed
quickly in class
Some left in my locker from Steven
en masse.

A hair piece dried from the Oktoberfest,
Some bubblegum given at camp on request.
It's my life I've got stored away in that box --
if I threw it away, then something'd be lost.

When I look there I get carried back deep in time
to the pains and the joys,
thoughts that went through my mind.
I need the reminders sometimes you see,
That somewhere inside of me
I am still me.