Monday, July 17, 2006

Contest Submissions: Indian, English & Pirate Pickup lines

Rules, Regs, & Disclaimers: Submissions being posted on me blog(s) as soon as I can get around to it, generally in order submitted, although slams/responses noted as specific to a particular line will be posted under that line.... in order submitted. Submissions will be posted with first name, last initial of submitter. Submission of material constitutes permission to publish. Contest opened 07/15/06, contest closes 07/28/06, by order of the Quartermaster. (That's me.) Treasure will be awarded as soon after that as I can get me scurvy self either to a postmaster or to ye personally.
Last Updated: F 03/15/07 7:00a-ish CST.

How! Me wantum strong brave :) (AmyS)
Ranger, you don't have to be lone anymore. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Me been saving this coin just for you... It "Indian head" nickel. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
(Lone Ranger to Tonto) Hey kemo sabe, I've got an itchy trigger finger, wanna help me finger Trigger? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
How would you like to see the eleventh little Indian? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
PERSONAL AD: Big Chief seeks Little Woman who tell like it is. Tired of reading smoke signals. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Me promise you won't be just another feather in headdress. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
"Let me a-maize you..." Never mind, too corny. (HeatherM&ShaneM) Ed.note: *groan!*
Eyes like Raven... beware the claws! (AmyS)
Me teepee or Sioux's? (AmyS)
Welcome to MakeManyPleasure Hardware Store. Wantum screw? (AmyK)
Come and blow my peace pipe. (LenaB)
Me squatum on you. (LenaB)
Let me poka-your-hauntus. (LenaB)
Geranimo! (LenaB)
How, my name is Swimming Bear. You wantum play? (LenaB)
Your tribe name, Spread Eagle? Thisum be fun. (LenaB)
Let me show you how we plantum corn. (LenaB)
Will you quiver for my arrow? (LenaB)
Me Chief Longshank Lastlong. You be Moansalot. Let us have peace. Join me in smoke. Let me show you my pipe. (ShaunG)

Can I be your Rear Admiral? I'll meet you on the poop deck. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Would you like to visit my cabin and batten down the hatches? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Excuse me madam, but please lift your shirt. I'm the inspector for the Royal Navel Academy. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
My poop deck could use a swabbin'. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
They say it's bad luck to have a woman aboard a Navy ship, but how about the Navy ship aboard a woman, starting with me. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Wow! What a big mast you have. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Nice aft. (HeatherM&ShaneM)

Want to scrape the barnacles off of my rudder? (TomS)
If ye've got barnacles on yer rudder, 'ere's somewhat wrong, 'ere is. (AmyK)
Avast me proud beauty! Want to know why my Roger is so Jolly? (TomS)
Y've been swabbin yer own planks again, 'aven't ye, mate. (AmyK)
Aye & you're a dashing rogue, ain'tcha? (AmyK)
You know... me leg isn't the only thing that's wooden. (TomS)
Nay, yer head seems a fer piece wood, too... and termite ridden at that! (AmyK)
I've been ashore too long... I be needin' a taste of a salty brine! (AmyK)
Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, laddie! (AmyK)
A bit o' grog & ye'll be fallin all over yerself to crimp on me crew, a salty lad such as ye. (AmyK)
Ah'll put a shiver in yer timber, lad, sure'n Davy Jones sails the seven seas. (AmyK)
Aye, and pay special attention to the Captain's coaming, I will. (AmyK)
I've a pretty little sheath t' might nicely welcome that handsome sword of yours. I could it show t'ye if ye've a mind to it. (AmyK)
Aye, tatoos 'n scars be the pretties on a matey Rogue. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours! (AmyK)
Y shouldna need a map to find the treasure I'm offerin' ya, boy. (AmyK)
Avast, ye scallywag, I aint' gwanta be awaitin yer pleasure all the mornin' long. Put a crimp in yer sail & quitcher ditherin'. (AmyK)
Plunder me treasure, will ye? (AmyK)
No, really... will ye? (AmyK) that Fish I smell or a particularly pungent Cheese? (ChrisB, with Nasty Nancy & th' Ol' Mississip in mind)
Come here me pretty puss. (LenaB)
Aye’ I’ll give you a "taste o’ the cat!" (LenaB as she removes the cat-o-nine-tails from her waist) Come and inspect me rigging, ye pretty. (LenaB)
Sigh, ye promise me a mighty bowsprit, but ye’ve only got a wet nipper. (LenaB)
Woohoo, check out that booty. (LenaB)
Belay that look, this bounty ‘ill have ye dancing the hempen jig. (LenaB)
Well blow me down and swab me deck. (LenaB)
Ye been swabben yer own deck so long, ye’ve been bilged on yer own anchor. (LenaB)
Wanna hang from my yard arm? (BobV)
Avastly fine time awaits ye in me arms... (JennyV)
Ahoy Gunny! Yer lanyard makes me cannon fire prematurely! (PeterW)
Aargh! I've only got eye for you. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Aargh! I've only got ayes for you. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Wanna see what me third leg's made of? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Well blow me down... there. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Would ye like to shiver me timber? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Polly want a pecker? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Come to me wench. Old Pegleg Pete's got a problem. Y'see, me hook's on me jerkin' hand. (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rohypnol! (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Is that your wooden leg or are you just happy to see me? (KerstinL)
Being Cap'n has its priveledges, boys. I get her first. (TomS)
Well Luv, the ship's goin' down, should we follow suit? (HeatherM&ShaneM)
Arrrr.. she wants to walk me plank, she does. Guess me plank will get polished! (ShaunG)
I stole a copy of the new Pirates of the Caribbean! (Software Pirate) (MelissaM)
(from the crow's nest) Why don't you pop up and see me sometime? (LenaB)
Quiet down before I roll ye off o' the plank, bilge rat. (TomS)
You know the plank isn't big enough! (ChrisB)
The sea is deadly & the weather unbearable, but the Knave is newly tarred & the sails furled. We'll stay afloat this night & see the day break. (TomS)

Scurvy Knave + Saucy Nancy +Elizabeth + Meg + Tokeleth = I WIN! (TomS)
....... *thinks anything 'scurvy' loses* .... (AnthonyM)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

CONTEST: Indian, Pirate, & English Navy Pick Up Lines

I'm announcing a contest to correspond with our most recent Murder Mystery adventure! Please submit your best Indian, Pirate & English Navy type pick up lines and/or resulting pick up line slams/responses. I'll find some sort of treasure to dole out to the scurviest "Knave" to "Brave" the "Nav-y". (go ahead... groan) There will likely be multiple prizes if I get good responses.

Originality of course gets more credit than copied work, outright cheesy may or may not get you a walk on the plank. Oh.. wait... pick up lines are by nature cheesy. well then, I'll have to come up with some other criteria.

You can & should email 'em to me (for those of you who have an e-addy) or post them here (for those of you who do not) as you think of them, but for pure entertainment value, I strongly encourage their use on your Yahoo IM, answering machines, grocery stores and public elevators all over the tri-state area. :D Deadline for submissions is July 28th, 2006. The good, bad, & the truly ugly will be posted here on me site after the Murder Mystery (end of July), and winners will be announced with the posting.

Examples used so far:

Want to scrape the barnacles off me rudder?
If ye've got barnacles on yer rudder, 'ere's somewhat wrong w/ ye, mate!
Avast me proud beauty! Want to know why my Roger is so Jolly?
Y've been swabbin yer own planks again, 'avent ye, mate?
Aye, & you're a dashing rogue, ain'tcha?
How! Me wantum strong brave :)

Aye'll be a keepin' me eyes open fer yer submissions, ye lilly-tongued scallywags, ye!!

P.S. There's only just so many character spots at a murder mystery... but this could be FUNNY! So I'm opening the contest to any & all non-attending parties as well. There will likely be multiple prizes if I get good responses :)

P.P.S. If ye've not made an invitation to one of our shindigs yet & find ye have an interest, please let me know. We try to mix 'em up at least a little bit every time & new & interesting people make for a great evening!