Sunday, September 19, 1999

I Wish This Legacy

You will be tomorrow's winds
blowing through my daughter's hair
sparking smiles of laughter on summer nights
butterfly dreams
and lightning bug fireworks
Your picture sits on my heart's throne
In places of honor and glory
In mind's eye, you jaunt your way
Through this world, and others
Arrogant, humble, wandering troubadour.
Leading, trailing, leading again
Always a path that glows and sparkles
Misty magic moondusted paths
Bounded by dreams and fairies and loves
Of many sorts.
When a tinkling laugh comes from her
Small heart
and a smile graces her tiny face
When she runs playing heart on sleeve
I can only pray
That someday
Her dreams, too will be drawn in flesh
And a poet will help her heart learn to love
Different loves
And dream different dreams
And trust without being broken
and fly into other realms
hand in hand, heart with heart,
Someone who can curl up in the corner of her soul
And be comfortable.
So when you are in the winds,
Or the Butterfly wings,
or the fireflies mating glow
Blow softly into her tiny heart
And make a place there
For someone just like you to live in

The way you've lived in mine.
~~~Sierra Jacobus 09/1999