Saturday, July 15, 2006

CONTEST: Indian, Pirate, & English Navy Pick Up Lines

I'm announcing a contest to correspond with our most recent Murder Mystery adventure! Please submit your best Indian, Pirate & English Navy type pick up lines and/or resulting pick up line slams/responses. I'll find some sort of treasure to dole out to the scurviest "Knave" to "Brave" the "Nav-y". (go ahead... groan) There will likely be multiple prizes if I get good responses.

Originality of course gets more credit than copied work, outright cheesy may or may not get you a walk on the plank. Oh.. wait... pick up lines are by nature cheesy. well then, I'll have to come up with some other criteria.

You can & should email 'em to me (for those of you who have an e-addy) or post them here (for those of you who do not) as you think of them, but for pure entertainment value, I strongly encourage their use on your Yahoo IM, answering machines, grocery stores and public elevators all over the tri-state area. :D Deadline for submissions is July 28th, 2006. The good, bad, & the truly ugly will be posted here on me site after the Murder Mystery (end of July), and winners will be announced with the posting.

Examples used so far:

Want to scrape the barnacles off me rudder?
If ye've got barnacles on yer rudder, 'ere's somewhat wrong w/ ye, mate!
Avast me proud beauty! Want to know why my Roger is so Jolly?
Y've been swabbin yer own planks again, 'avent ye, mate?
Aye, & you're a dashing rogue, ain'tcha?
How! Me wantum strong brave :)

Aye'll be a keepin' me eyes open fer yer submissions, ye lilly-tongued scallywags, ye!!

P.S. There's only just so many character spots at a murder mystery... but this could be FUNNY! So I'm opening the contest to any & all non-attending parties as well. There will likely be multiple prizes if I get good responses :)

P.P.S. If ye've not made an invitation to one of our shindigs yet & find ye have an interest, please let me know. We try to mix 'em up at least a little bit every time & new & interesting people make for a great evening!


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