Wednesday, May 31, 2006

04/15/06 Tom's Birthday

This is definitely the Year of the Birthdays, and Tom's birthday ROCKED!!!

Once again, we were looking for fun & different ideas -- seems to be becoming a trademark of sorts? We certainly have enough creativity & intelligence & just plain 'ol fun in the group to be able to kick some up! This one was a hybrid: mostly Amy, with a cup of Stacy & a pinch of O'Amy thrown in for spice :)

So it's Easter weekend, right? What is Easter without a little Easter egg hunt! First we went for dinner: Tom, Amy, Bauer, O'Amy, John, Stacy, Speedy, Amberly, Melissa, Shaun, Lisa. (Tammy&Mike didn't make it) While we were out, the kids had fun with the babysitter hiding plastic Easter eggs in our back yard for US to find when we returned. Each of us had to find one orange egg, which contained a #1 or #2, and at least 4 other eggs, each of which contained a piece of candy and... a Scavenger Hunt item!

The numbers designated which team we were on. John & I volunteered to be the designated drivers... 'cause the Scavenger Hunt was designed to take us allllll over town. We had til 11:30p, then we were to meet at Wild Country to tally up & see who was to win the all important CHOCOLATE BUNNY.

Here's the scavenger hunt list... I'll let YOU picture just how much freakin' fun we had with this. lolol

Ground rules:
1) If it's an action, you must get a picture
2) No item may be obtained from any original scavenger hunt participant
3) Items, pictures, people etc cannot constitute more than one scavenger hunt item

3 napkins or coasters w/ bar logo, signed by bartender
an actual person - must leave one location & travel with you to end location (ok to drive their own vehicle)
Phone number of the phone booth at _______________________
How many swings are at ____________ park?
5 signed business cards (signed by that person, & all 5 different people)
Take out menu from any Chinese restaurant… with a sauce spot on it
Promotional pen w/ business name on it
Find a bar with 7 letters in the name
Bar of hotel soap
Go to the Fountain in Belleville, each person toss a coin in & make a wish.
A grocery coupon from a grocery store
Get a picture of a comb over / toupee…. (yes, on a person)
Fancy condom - ie) coloured, a tickler, etc. Extra Large or ribbed does not constitute "fancy"
3 brands of smashed burnt out cigarette butts
Picture of a non-IL, non-MO out of state license plate
Picture of the group (or group-photographer) next to population sign for Belleville, Swansea, Fairview Heights, or O'Fallon
A church bulletin
2 helium-filled balloons w/ different logos on them
Obtain lipstick kiss-print from someone not in the party onto someone in the party … on any body part of your choice
Receipt for 50 cents worth of gas, paid in cash
plastic clothes hanger
cocktail umbrella
Find someone with a picture of their child or grandchild in their purse or wallet… get them to let you take a picture of them holding that picture
Picture of one of your party kissing a complete stranger
1 logo'd condiment package (logo'd w/ the place you got it from)
1 used McDonald's sandwich wrapper
2 signatures from 2 different band members from any band playing in the area tonight (include name of band & bar)
Picture of anything with "Git 'er Done!" on it
1 bank deposit envelope
Picture: at least 1 member of your party + at least 2 strangers playing ring-around-the-rosy with 1 other member of your party in the middle
Picture of a tattoo … on a person… that would be covered by standard shorts & T-shirt
Picture with a Denny's employee in uniform
A Lifesaver.
Pictures of each member of your party riding one of those quarter machines outside stores (may cost more than a quarter) Pictures cannot all be on the same machine.
1 Easter Egg
Smiley face sticker from WalMart
Sticker from a grocery store (Schnucks / Harts etc) (the ones they give kids / mark merchandise with to show it was purchased)
1 newspaper in the plastic sleeve from someone's lawn
1 fresh-picked flower
Create a petition, obtain 10 signatures… 10 different people, multiple locations

I can only give you the funnest bits from OUR group, since I wasn't with the others.. but let's just point out that a) it is almost impossible to find a condom machine in a gas station bathroom these days.. but they're cleaner than they used to be b) Those little horsey-riding machines aren't made for adult butts, but DAMN, they're sturdy! c) Playing ring around the rosey with strangers in a grocery store parking lot at 11:00 at night is FUN and d) Any Bauer that can manage to get a church bulletin AND a kiss from a MORMON chick, after getting her to have us follow her home to get them on the Saturday night before Easter is a GOD

'Nuff said?


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6 years later .. wtf happened to those PICTURES? I don't think I have them .. WHO HAS THEM??

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