Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Night Nuthin'

Tonight I'm lookin' for a one-night nuthin
I'm not lookin for that one-life somethin

A flare of passion
In a heathen den
Go out alone
Come home with him

I been findin ones that seem they'll be the ones that stay
But they're the ones that hurt when they go away

So now I'm lookin for a one night nuthin
Come on Darlin' - what do you say?
Buy me a beer
and show me the way

Woudn't you like to be my one night nothin?
Maybe a week or a month
If we like it enough
Then we can go our separate ways
No worse off than we are today

I've got a hole to fill in a heart that hurts
Let's smother it with whisky
As we laugh out loud and flirt
Swing me round that hard wood floor
Put your hand on the small of my back when we leave through the door

Just don't ever tell me you're plannin to stay
That's not a game right now
that I'm willing to play

Hit the the road before you love me
Move along before I care
Sweeten sorrow with a kiss
Or fuck me on a dare

Hey, Baby.. whaddaya say?
Wanna be the one that doesn't go away?
Well I'm not looking for that tonight anyway.
That's on a real long list I prob'ly ought to throw away
A list we put a title on & called "Someday"

I'm just lookin for a one-night nuthin
Wishin it might turn out to be a one-life somethin

I don't expect to find it
Fairy tales are naught but mist
Come & be my one-night nuthin
show me what love might feel like
if it did really exist

Lyrics by Amy Kruse (04/14/2006)