Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Psychic Promises

Would you like to know
What the psychic told me?
What secrets of the present, of the future she revealed?

She said many things about many things
But you don't need those, do you?
You simply wonder... what of you?
Indeed. Well then, you asked.

She swore you would not hurt me
Either of us - me or my daughter
She said my daughter in her young innocence
Has searched for someone to love me
That she is a good judge, and has found that someone in you
That she adores you beyond measure for good reason
That her trust is well placed and will not be forsaken
She called you by name
And described you to me that there was no doubt she was mistaken
She swore you care for us... and for Us
That we would face the future together
She said you drag your past behind you
on chains and yet
That you have eschewed it once
and that you would not succumb to it again
That you have vowed not to let your past rule your future
and that you would find the strength within you to keep that vow
That you work hard to keep body, mind, and soul
Strong and clean
And that we together would benefit from that work
She told me to trust you, to trust In you
To lay aside fear
To lay myself open to you, that you would be there for me
When I asked you for help
She said that the Universe put us together for a reason
That it does not make mistakes
That we are not a mistake
That I am done with searching, looking, hunting, waiting
That we are in a time of quiet
But that soon... very very soon...
(MY kind of soon, not Yours!)
I will begin of the rest of my life
With us together facing forward
That you will be both my inspiration and my reward
That we are good for one another
and that we belong together
She said all of these things without prompting or assistance from me
Without me even saying you existed... or didn't

I wasn't looking for all that when I went in
Guidance, perhaps - gems of ideas
Upon which to muse, to help me decide whether to go or stay
Speak or remain silent, smile or cry
Or simply stand in place for a time, watching you
wash over & through me til you moved on
Not all that. I didn't expect all that.

She opened her eyes, and asked me over thrice, surprized
Why was I crying?
This is not bad news - there is nothing here but good
Why was I crying?
She sees nothing but a happy future for us, and that together
Why was I crying?
This man cares deeply for you, will take care of you

I cry on. Helplessly
Til the sobs wracked my body
All silent, not a sound came from my throat
Tears like acid down my face
I can toy with Horroscopes
and wish for Love
But I bank on reality,
You aren't giving me enough reality
for me to believe her
Only enough to make it hurt.


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