Friday, February 03, 2006

Old Musings 02/03/06

Sometimes pen & paper are far more ready to hand than the computer... doing some cleaning today, I found this scribble I must have done in between other things somewhen:

Thought.. Quandry: When no one's reading {the stuff you write}, there are no secrets. There is nothing you would not share in your "private" diary. The web makes things less private, which is both the point and the problem.

For you see, I don't really care if people I do not know & have never met read my innermost thoughts. And most of the time, nor do I mind that those I care most about see my private self. And yet... with those you love, sometimes the depth & breadth of what you choose to reveal .. & the timing of those things... makes a difference in your relationship. My hopes are a GOOD difference, but you never know. I would hope that my people keep in mind that regardless that my thoughts are posted for all to see, these ARE still "private" thoughts. Personal. Musings. Meanderings that I'm willing to discuss, but ... oh, blast it!

I must have gotten interrupted by something. But the musings are still valid, and have continued... I find that I do write some less now that people I really know & care about have access to this blog. I haven't felt much like writing lately -- my muse is far more active when I'm unhappy, and lately life has been fairly nice. But beyond that, I do find there is a gentle edit that happens in my head, wondering whether or not it's really wise to always let my unfettered thoughts flow to pen out here where all & sundry can pick them up. I'm likely to fall on the side of "yes, do it!", but there are some doubts. Just thoughts...



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