Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh, To be Wrong

You're going to let me go... again.
Aren't you?
You bastard!
History repeats itself
You swore you should not would not could not
Let it happen again
And yet
I cry for help, you close your ears
I ask plainly for comfort, for reassurance, for help
in ironing out these wrinkles between us
I ask for your touch, your words
and you speak lies of caring
Were you truly the friend you said you were

you would not run
and worse than run
Regardless of all the other things that fall between us
I asked only that we work them together
That we turn them over until we find common ground
Coward. Shameless in your soft-boned mewling
I thought you said you did not want to be selfish?
You asked me to be plain, to ask for what I want and need
and when I do
when I take bigger chances than I take for anyone
A great leap of faith and trust and self to ask
You give me exactly the opposite
You move away from me inside
Place time & space between us to match that distance
Then surpass it
Words of "what is important" from you are drowned
by actions of neglect
And you cover them all with light nothings
Like a cat scrapes nothing over something
When they've graced the bare floor
With their excrement


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