Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Think There's One

I think I've got this one left in me
Just one more tiny bit of hope
One more last reserve of love
Dredging up the strength to be
I offer you what's left of me

One corner of my heart unblemished
Unsoiled unbroken, not repaired
Untrammelled by love's sharpest sorrows
One tiny bit... I'll guide you there.

One more song to sing in unison
Our two lives in harmony
Our music isn't all that's in you
But love from you could set mine free

I may look strong
I'm cracked and shattered
I may look weak
& yet I'm not
A tiny seed untouched within me
Waken it with love

I think I've got just one left in me
There's such a tiny pool of hope
There's so much that has gone before you
I offer you more than you know

It's yours, I cannot take it back
This love which now within me burns
If you should shun it, let me go
A nexus in my life will turn

I've only got this one left in me
One more deep breath, one shot at trust
One more try for this my life
You're the last: we fail, I'm done.



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