Thursday, March 23, 2006

Van Morrison in the Dark

A recent interesting little Q&A session... & here's one of the answers:

What do I like to wear when listening to VM in the dark with a man? Hmm... I don't believe I have ever listened to VM in the dark with a man. Sad state of affairs, isn't it? (No pun intended ;-) ) Something about that music makes the rest of the world go away, so I'm guessing that clothes would be a superflous detail anyway -- VM sends me into my head... into my soul... into space.. into the ether.. somewhere other than this world. However, had I to hazzard a guess, I suspect that what I'd like most to wear, if I were in the situation to listen to VM in the dark with a man.... provided it was (of course), the right sort of man.... would be him.

Mmmm... ththrhrhrhththrhrhrhththhtr :)


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