Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cooramoor / Sunset Sailings

What began as a simple morning....
waving nonchalantly goodbye
on the morning tide
Shoreline slipping away in the distance
as it does every morning
New horizons beckoning before
New people, new experiences
New Life!
All reaching out with tempting fingers
A heady come hither
Joyful glee balanced by sure comfort
Knowing where Home lies behind
That on the evening tides
The inevitable tug & pull of nature's rhythms
Will take me back once more
To the arms I left that morning
To the smile, the laugh
The sure comfort of another Someday

I felt a strange tide tickle my hull
Not watching closely enough
It pulled me silently away, lethal tide
I called for help at once, and smiling,
Home simply waved... "Go forth and conquer!"
Crash of tide on rocky shore drowned out
My cries for help, instructions flew unnoticed in the wind
Did they think I simply waved back another time

I do not know, they did not answer
When the evening tides turned to send me Home
Home was not there
I do not find familiar shores
Nor warm welcome at their feet
I feel Home calling me still
Beacon in a psychic distance
I see it, flashing in my dark mind's eye
Lighthouse flash that burns
I cannot shut it off
But on this strange shore, I cannot reach it

Oh, that Home could man a ship to
Come and gather me in!
My tiny voice cries helplessly over wind & waves
I send goodbyes in a bottle
With all my hopes tucked inside
With all I have of where the tides are taking me
Hoping each dawn to see rescue on the horizon
Or that the tides will simply turn again
the bow of this cooramoor
will slide once again safely Home
New adventures gathered in
history not repeated.
Thousands of sailors lost on this endless ocean
I did not think it to be me
We have too many things left undiscovered, Home & I
Too much unfinished
Yet hours slip into days, days into weeks
and Time itself becomes a bitter draught

And so I drift.. lost and alone
I may be only feet from shore
and cannot see it
safe landing on a simple shore right there
yet perception is everything
an inch may be a thousand thousand miles
if you know not how to span the gap
and I am blinded
I ache for familiar comfort
for Home to wrap itself around me, share its peace
Oh, Home, awake and call me in!


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