Wednesday, May 31, 2006

04/02/06 - 04/14/06

Then there were a couple of really crappy weeks with glimmers of light in them. I spent the better part of the time sick, achy, generally down & out. My car crashed & had to go back into the shop. Other things, too -- just a plethora of nasty.

At the same time, Stacy's grandpa passed away & HER life got totally ugly for a little while. It's not as though it was unexpected, but sometimes that makes very little difference in the scheme of things. Even bad things you know are coming are still bad, & still hurt. He left behind him quite a lot of family, but notably his wife of a LOT of years, who spent her entire life taking care of him. He was her life. Screw MY bad week... how do you think SHE feels? She's got Alzheimer's, too, so the family had the additional ugly task of explaining to her every.. single.. day... sometimes multiple times in the day... that Grandpa was gone. And every single time was as though it was the first time she finds out. Now THAT is crappy. For everyone. And then try to explain to her that she's not going to be able to live at home anymore, either. They'd moved Grandma & Grandpa into assisted living b/c of Grandpa's rapidly declining health & need for nursing care... but Grandma needed to be there, too (just wouldn't admit it). Now a new home & a new life. Ick. Double... triple ick.

But amidst all the bad stuff.. I did mention glimmers of light shining through, didn't I? Friends in shining armour on white chargers & that sort of thing? Tom & Amy appeared out of nowhere one night for no reason other than to be what friends are supposed to be: THERE! Dug in & got a couple of big tasks taken care of that had been weighing on me, which was nice, but didn't begin to measure up to them just showing up in the first place :)

After the funeral, BADLY needing release & a break from the bad stuff, I drug Stacy along with Bauer & I to a birthday party of a friend of Bauer's at Train Wreck. Some really neat people, than man knows, he does!

On our way there, Stacy&I realized that Saddle Ridge is only about 50 steps away, & determined that barring unforseen events, we'd try to make it over there for last call to see what it was like. Not bad! Dance floor could have been a tad bigger, but having a mechanical bull in the other room sort of makes up for it. & I didn't see it that night, but someone said they have karaoke in another room, too??? Have to try that some other time. So we moseyed up for a coupla beers, made our rounds, looked for familiar faces here & there, finding fewer than we anticipated. We did find one.. well, he found us: Michael Taff appeared out of nowhere to pop over & say howdy :) Silly man, asked me for my number AGAIN! I think it's becoming something like "Who's on First".

Then Stacy & I found the dance floor for awhile & had just started to wonder how the heck we were going to get home when (re)appeared BAUER!! YEAHH!!!! White knight, saviour, yadi yadi yadi... other party broke up & he came to find us :) We left my car to fend for itself & Bauer took the helm, driving us to... (Bloomin' Juvenile Idiots!) POPS!

If you've ever been to Pops, you don't need a resurrection of the rest of the ev.. uh.. morning. And if you haven't.. well.. let's just say we did NOT make it onto the wall of shame. To the best of my knowledge, anyway! Then home & to bed, which felt ooooohhhh so good. Oh yes... "COP!!" lololololol


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