Wednesday, May 31, 2006

04/01/06 - Fun Things

OMG did we have fun today, or WHAT?!?!

We started with a run to Gringo Jones to try to find a statue for my awesome new bedroom (still no luck). Okay, no, wait... we STARTED with yoga in the morning - much goodness! Then shopping.

Then Tartan Days in St Charles - down to the river front to see the parade (way cool), stopped at The Enchanted Attic to pick up a couple of crystals, found a little English place with Bisto (yum!), & a couple of bottles of wine for Stacy at the winery.

Then eventually we move into evening. A couple of days earlier, Stacy says, "I want to do something DIFFERENT." Since we've been sharing the brain, that's a good thing... I don't have to talk quite as much ;) So we went hunting for some "different" sort of activity, and what did we find? The Vagina Monologues! The name itself was enough to give me the giggles. It's a play, & was being done locally. We did some titty twisting (the regular ol' arm kind just wasn't quite enough) & got the guys to go along, promising liquid libation aplenty after.

So it was definitely something different. Cool little... LITTLE... TEENY TINY theatre in downtown Belleville. Not quite as funny as promised, but it had a couple of moments, & certainly added a little bit o' somethin somethin to the catalogue of our activities for the year.

Then we giggled & stumbled our way across the street to this Irish pub where lo & behold, a really kick ass sort of band was playing Celtic tunes. Again, something different! Made my toes tap & my butt wiggle! lol The bunch of us moseyed up to the bar & ordered a round, then another, & as we realized we could actually TALK over this band, still enjoy the music & each other at the same time, we stuck around. The group sort of amoeba'd in this amorphous blob in the middle of the room, most likely annoying the regulars, trading stories & little bitty backrubs & drinks & laughter til they closed down on us.

Then what did we do? Bloomin' juvenile idiots. (I say that with a grin on my face) We went to POPS! Well, ok.. we TRIED to go to Pops. They're sticklers about ID, & some folks didn't have theirs with. One would think that once you pass 30 it really shouldn't be necessary any more, wouldn't one? So what did we do instead? Uh... I think maybe we went to Denny's.. um.. somewhere. I'm not sure I remember. I think I fell asleep in the back of the 'burban.... 'cause by that time it was at least 2 or 3am & I'm getting too old for that sort of thing. lololololol

Anyway, it was good :)


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