Wednesday, May 31, 2006

04/16/06 - 04/22/06 Painting

Tom & Amy have been talking about redoing their upstairs. Paint.. new flooring... but first Paint! With all the festivities lately, I know (oh, boy do I know!) there hasn't been a whole lot of time to get things done around the house, let alone big projects. Painting can either be a pain-in-the-butt onerous task, or it can be a blast & a half, the difference is in the company you keep. So when I heard mutterings about needing to get the painting done, I put on mah paintin' clothes & got my butt on over there! Hey... they braved a big ol' mean rose bush for me, I can SURE "brave" a painting spree for them :)

Holy crap did we have FUN!! Tom, Amy, O'Amy & Larry whipped out cans of paint, plastic sheeting, ladders, paint brushes, & some good ol' 80's music & spent SEVERAL hours slathering on the new colour over all the sanding & patching & prep work Tom had been doing the week before. (ok, a little over us, too) Bauer cheered us on by phone, George of the Jungle made a guest appearance, & after a couple of deep breaths, Amy did the highwire act for the evening with exceptional aplomb. Now the upstairs is a really really pretty shade of green (moonfrost? spring tide?)!! Then we went downstairs to watch a coupla-three episodes of Coupling & relax for a few.
Dang, that show is FUNNY!

Maybe I'm wrong... maybe this is just the month of Tom! lol I'm looking at my calendar & that ornery little critter is just popping up all over the freakin place. This was also the week that he called me & said, "Hey, whatcha doin' for lunch?" Half distracted, I indicated I had nothing planned, why.... then he HONKED, & it reverbrated both through the phone and through my open window.. the stinker had come all the way across the river & was sitting in my driveway! So we went to drag Stacy out of her lazy little bed & swipe some of the YUMMY leftover BBQ pork steaks I knew were in the fridge :D


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