Wednesday, May 31, 2006

04/26/06 - Schools

One other thing in April, then I can go get a few winks of sleep before dawn... but without having gotten to the recent stuff I really needed to write about to begin with, either, darn it! Ah well... perhaps the urge will pass while I'm whittling my memoirs onto the screen. :)


What would YOU think if your child was in a school where the principal of the school said.. to your face.. that they really didn't have any faith or believe that your child could ever improve? I don't give a damn who your kid is or what their issues are... whether they're straight A perfect children or whether you've birthed the most awful hoyden that ever crossed the hallowed threshold of that sacred institution. Teachers (& teaching staff... like principals, superintendents, etc) are one of the professions that we trust in to continually offer Hope. Support. Guidance. A way to a better future for EVERYONE. We very much put in their hands the intimate hopes and possibilities of the thing most precious to us: our children.. and as a result, we also trust them with the dreams and the future of our entire nation. They're not ALLOWED to give up on kids. Even if as a person, in their deepest private heart they think someone is lost, professionally speaking they have no right to EVER make a statement like that out loud. Or even think it, in my opinion.

Wasn't B... she's been doing fine, and her teacher this year (Mrs. Kramer) has been WONDERFUL! But that's absolutely not the point. The leader of the school sets the tone, & that's not the sort of leadership I want my child to be under as long as I have a better choice.

So this month we went looking for some other options. We took a couple of tours, interviewed a couple of schools... and next year, our kids will be going to a different school. One with a principal who sounds as though she looks at the world through eyes a bit more like ours, and to whom we both immediately took a liking to. It's more inconvenient than where we were, but I think it's a better choice. I went to the same school all my life, and I really wanted to be able to give B that, too, although I know the world is changing. She'll have to change schools again in high school anyway(there aren't many that go K-Sr anymore) & I suspect our lives may change again in terms of geography or makeup before she's done, making yet another change probable. She's really good at making friends, though, and at least for now she'll still get to see some of her old friends at soccer & T-Ball practice as well as at daycare in the summer, so with luck & love all will be well.

Dang.. there goes my alarm. No rest for the wicked! :D


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