Monday, August 28, 2006

08/28/06 - Hotel

When I finally drug my exhausted self & fourteen miscellaneous bags & suitcases (because I didn't take time to pack well & just tossed it all in in a big twisted mess) up to the 14th floor of the hotel, I dumped them all in one great relieved pile. Then I hunted for the A/C & turned it to some temperature that would take the slightly humid 'warm' out of the air and instead kiss my skin with cool pleasure. Half asleep, I found the bathroom I'd been wanting increasingly badly for the last hour or so of the gawdawful long, rainy drive. Then I stripped off the clothes that had car wrinkles firmly creased into my body, closed my eyes & took a moment to relish the feel of the air finally on my skin... I hadn't slept naked in three days, & with the lack of sleep & the drive down, I was starting to feel like they were never coming off again. Horrible thought! I brushed my teeth & checked briefly & bleary-eyed in the mirror to ensure that I really hadn't grown the guy-investigator-who-hasn't-slept-in-three-days stubble I was sure ought to be there. Then, and only then, did I stumble back into the room & stop to really pay attention to the bed. Pay attention? Salivate. Worship.

The bed was enormous. And it was a SEA of white. Crisp clean white cotton sheets over some soft down poof of a mattress, covered by layers and layers of sheets like layers of some Italian confection. Over all that was a thick down-filled comforter crisp with white on white pinstripes that tried sternly (but in vain) to argue that it was really far more practical than those large soft waves of heaven appeared to be. After a few moments of pure anticipatory appreciation, I threw myself into it and was enveloped. I was swimming in white & soft cotton. Mounds of clean white pillows in all sorts of shapes & sizes tumbled into haphazard piles that called coyly to come tussle amongst them. Giggles would be muffled or slip out only a little here & there as little squeals of happiness tend to do. Warmth and innocence and passion amongst a riot of clouds. Mounds of soft white. A maze of poof.

I squirrled around, swimming in a blissful sea of soft, finding cool spots... warm spots... every time I moved, the next spot was just as good as.. no, better.. than the last. Heaven. And it made me want to squirm deeper, how freakin' much room does this bed have, anyway? Every wiggle found another little pocket, another new pillow, another soft welcoming twist of sheets & comforter that seemed to caress my skin at every flex & twist. The fancy took me that somewhere in all that fluff there could very well be a whole 'nother person, just lost in the maze. If I just chased him 'round the bed a bit more, we'd find one another. Or perhaps he was chasing me? Yes, much nicer.

I squirmed more, searching for something illusive, and out of the mounds of fluff my own pink striped pillow appeared, and from it wafted the unmistakable scent of a man. Ah. See? I know that scent. I knew he was here somewhere. I sighed, buried my nose & breathed deeply, sinking back into the mountains of sheets & pillows on that ridiculously sinful bed. I breathed again, feeling both desire and contentment roil in a slow flush that invaded me, warmed through & took possession of me like sleepy sunshine on a summer's day. Damn. I lay there contemplating that sensation & smiled, appreciating both the goodness and the frustration in all the thoughts that stop being thoughts & melt away into feelings & sensations as mountainous & unexplored & inviting as this sea of white. Then I breathed in the scent of him one more time - deeply - completely - before I turned out the light & snuggled in to sleep, pillow held tight in my arms. In only a very few hours, day would begin.


Anonymous Anonymous said... is a good scent isn't it. Strong, musky, yet some sort of tender vulnerability tucked away deep inside.


Monday, September 04, 2006 9:30:00 PM  

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