Monday, February 21, 2005

"Think of me?" he asks...

She was feeling a warm, lazy sort of something that evening as her bare feet padded softly across the linoleum. 1/2 a glass of Shiraz in hand she wandered to the kitchen, every now & then taking slow, lazy sips of the wine. Light from the Easter tree shone softly across half the room and the sharp harsh flourescent bulb under the cabinets above the sink illuminated the pile of dishes waiting to be washed. A mound of soapy suds beckoned. On the counter sat the detrius of a lovely meal, the makings of lunch for tomorrow -- 1.5" pork chops marinated in Worchestershire & dashed with onion salt, browned husks and silks stripped from grilled corn on the cob, all cooked on the grill in the cool spring evening, and some fresh garlic loaf bread w/ melted butter, only crumbs left to be brushed away. Something interesting played in the background, and many a thought swirled lazily in her wine-drenched mind.

When the dishes are done... and the wine gone... she'll pat barefoot back into another room, cozy up into something that resembles nothing like the warm body spoon she'd far rather fall asleep with, and drift off to meet Morpheus, her most faithful lover and steadfast friend.

The stars in the night sky outside will continue on their faithful trek.. oblivious, of course, to both simple pleasures and longings... twirling on into the eternity of an unfathomable universe.


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