Monday, April 19, 2004

A Little Ditty

When I think I’m on the inside looking out
And then I find I’m on the outside looking in
Then the friendship that we’re founding
Is by other measures floundering
It isn’t really a relationship within

When the time I’ve spent since seeing you
exceeds the time that you’ve spent
being you
Then something’s altogether wrong
There’s no music in this song
And I fear I fear I fear that we are through

When the notions that you proffered up for future melodies
Are left in Future’s pocket, not brought out for Now to see
then I think that you’ve exceeded
the notions you had seeded
Overstepped your own unknown of what might be

When the living that you’re living you don’t choose to share with me
And the living that I’m living is of you quite free
then what’s the point of wondering
what roads we each are wandering
I need the people in my life more present - don’t you see?

When I wake up in the morning and the birds don’t sing
when the man I met last night wasn’t just a sordid fling
well I
didn’t take the offer
That that muscled hottie proffered
He wasn’t you - I didn’t want what dawn would bring

But the telephone’s not ringing and the mailman’s come
And there isn’t any letter in my inbox or my home
I suspect that you’ve gone on
With lives and loves you’d once begun
In terms of love, not all roads lead to Rome

I thought I was on the inside looking out
But now I feel I’m on the outside looking in
Can you tell me that my thinking
Is just faulty synapse linking

And that what we might yet be is not ‘has been’?



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