Monday, January 24, 2005

01/24/05 Monday 10:00am

You know... I really like the concept of a blog... I just can't bring myself to write in it every day. The real problem is that the things that come into my mind that I want to put out here are terribly insistent about getting written... when I'm anywhere but at the computer. Driving... waiting for an appointment... Dr's office... at the gym... most often when I've juuuust settled into bed, gotten a comfortable, nice warm spot all cozy & perfect, close my eyes, relax, begin to doze off... BLAM! A tantalizing fragment of thought tickles it's way into my head. Then it's either stick my naked toesies out into the cold cruel world, get up & write... or let it go. 'Cause of course, if you don't pursue it RIGHT THEN, it's gone, never to be thought of again. Tantalizing fragments of thought are fickle creatures. Geez, but that's a hard decision. I don't know how many wonderful concepts have been lost to the lure of Morpheus & 400 thread count sheets.


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