Tuesday, February 22, 2005

02/22/05 Tuesday noonish

It's Monday... no, wait, it's Tuesday. Damn Monday sorts of holidays, anyway. And while I'm at it, damn the President, too.. I didn't need a day to honor him. I didn't vote for him anyway.

While officially it's Tuesday, I am lambasted with Monday sorts of things -- voicemail overflowing with snotty little "I left five messages and you didn't call me back yesterday" messages (never mind that I very clearly posted everywhere possible that the company was CLOSED yesterday, and my vmail in any event states clearly at all times that I'm NOT in the office, I will ATTEMPT to call you back within 48 hours!), emails demanding retribution & answers to questions for which there are no answers. You know, ma'am/sir.. I could offer you some creative solutions to those issues, but I'm not sure that your company's accounting department will approve the expensing of either acid or hemlock. I know mine was a tad concerned when I tried to push through the .38 and a fist full of TNT as party favors for a meeting with XX.

Not to mention that my daughter this week is being a snotty little 5 yr old bitch. I thought I wasn't supposed to get this sort of attitude out of her until the teen years got at least a LITTLE closer?!?!? Of course, the moods are quicksilver... within mere moments I will have crawling into my arms the sweetest kisses any mom could want, often accompanied by a quiet little "ssshorrry." Yeah.... me too. Geez, I love her.


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