Sunday, October 15, 2006

Distance - 10/15/2006

Distance is only an illusion
In an electronic age

how true

that person sitting next to you
there! on that couch
on the bus
lying a breath away in that bed
might be as far away inside
as these bodies of ours are
right now
each separated by an unknown
infinite span of far too much

is as much an illusion
close up
as it is when things
are far away

come closer?
court danger... if you dare

I would be most interested

to learn
if your thoughts are
as intriguing
as your lips


Anonymous lostjohnny1978 said...

Very true! The silenece between two people can be deafening, the distance between them across a dinner table infinite, the clatter of a dropped fork more jarring than a slap to the face. And yet we live in an age when two minds can connect across any distance with nothing more than a handful of electrons and radio waves, rattling through copper wire at the speed of light.

How do we define ourselves and others? Ultimately we are defined not by our actions, but by what we do with our mistakes. We are defined not by our beliefs, but by what contradictions of belief we choose to live with and which we do not.

I looked on your Amazon Wish List. You have "Trash" by Alice Cooper at the very top. I'm willing to bet you know at least half of the lyrics to "Poison" by heart. Am I right?

Monday, October 16, 2006 9:10:00 AM  

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