Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Morning in Early September

It was erie this morning. Early morning mist obscured the trees in front of me as I sat at a stoplight. Brilliant ruby red, piercing in its clarity. Cars whipped by in front of me... like a corridor of reality cutting through another world. I was in that other world. All my fears, doubts, frantic things to do, work... all melted into the insubstantial nothingness of an imagined world. The real things.. the important things.. the vibrant, vital things were, of course, over there. Moving on. Rushing on without me down the highway, 90 degrees to where I was hovering in limbo. When the light turned green, had there been noone behind me, I might have simply stayed where I was, signal light blinking its fog-muted yellow into the mist. Clickclick. Claclick. Clickclick... til it simply wore itself out & stopped blinking. Limbo. Sweet, peaceful, nothing-is-required-of-you-you-don't-have-to-be-anywhere-anytime-anyplace-anyone-for-any-reason-don't-have-to-feel-anything-not-responsible-for-anything-anybody-noone's-mad-hurt-unhappy-ever limbo. Instead, with a deep sigh, I jumped into the stream and drove on. Re-engaged. The green light commanded me. The car behind me sent anxious, demanding waves of thought at me: Go! Go! Go, Amy. Join the other lemmings in their mad dash to whatever or wherever it is we're all going in such a gawdawful hurry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lemmings, bad - Individuals good...
You and your friends need a Sagittarius in your life...
We are just about everywhere.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 6:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas, Gemini -- Sagittarius

Saturday, October 14, 2006 9:48:00 PM  

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