Sunday, August 21, 2005

08/21/2005 - Sunday - Spoil a Blogger Request

My sweet secret blogger... more of a fey, actually... sent me a card & asked for some (more) ideas of the sorts of things that tickle my fancy. I'm slow to pick up mail sometimes, so I may be too late, but here you go!

((Go ahead... hum along if'n ya wanna))

Moonlight on rivers and deep silent forests
Butterflies and fireflies and flowers from a florist
Faires who glitter with dust on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Difficult puzzles made out of wood
Books that light fancies like Heinlein or Kerr
Candles that flicker twixt darkness and light
These are some things that I find out of sight

Baubles that shine from my lone index finger
Toerings and earrings with posts that don't linger
Music on CD's and movies on disc
None of these things would be much of a risk

Wehrenberg Theatres show good local movies
Dierbergs or Schnucks will bring flowers and goodies
Straight to my door, they would light up my face
I'm home on most days, they can leave in car space

Soft furry fancies that feel like the belly
Of kittens or rabbits, red or grape jelly
Symphony chocolate with almonds and Skor
Or things that come riding out straight out of lore

Like knights in shone armour with maidens in veils
Moments of romance down long winding trails
Pictures of someone I find that I love
Chocolate 'round Ice Cream and packaged by Dove

When the day sucks
When I can't post
When the 'sphere is slow
I simply go out there and hunt down some more

And that's how I logged on to Spoil-A-Blogger twwoooooo…. Point. Oh!


Anonymous Ravyn Wintervale said...

Why - that is EVER so helpful! Thank you very much, lovely lady. *Grins*

May your day be full of music and light.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 10:28:00 AM  

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