Thursday, August 18, 2005

08/17/05 - Wednesday - The Eve of St John's

Well.. here we are.. the night before B starts Kindergarten. Did me absolutely no good to have purchased all her school supplies weeks ago... stocked up on far more uniform combinations than one little girl will need between now & the next time she shoots up another 4 inches like she did over the summer. (I predict at least 2" before Christmas. Any takers?) No... all that solid preparation gone to waste because STACY had to wait til the last blasted minute to do all her back-to-school shopping & kept us out bleary-eyed til Le Targe' closed at 10:00p tonight. Not only that, but she had difficulty finding even one of the THREE copies of the supply lists that I made for her. I know... I didn't have to go... but isn't that what friends are for? I've just gotta give her #*%&, though. As I said... isn't that what friends are for?

Did I mention that I mis-pronounced "artisan" in my substitute-parent Parent/Teacher conference with Haley's teacher? Egads. I'm sure she's looking forward to getting MY kid in a couple of years.

Ok now.. everyone PLEASE call me between 6:30 & 7am tomorrow & bug my answering machine until I wake up & ANSWER it. PLEAAASSSEE!!!! Otherwise, B is likely to start her school career with her very first Tardy, & it will be ALL MY FAULT. Gawd... why does school have to start so bleepin' early? CALL ME!


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