Tuesday, March 29, 2005

03/28/05 - Monday

YeeeaaaahhH!!! My friend is home my friend is home my friend is ho ho ho home from Haawwaaaaiiiiii.... happy days :-) I've been chomping at the bit since I started the drive home Sunday afternoon to see howwasthetriptellmeallaboutitdidyouseeanythingneat doanythingfunmeetcoolpeopletellmetellmetellmegodImissedyou Hi! But I have most graciously restrained myself from calling because I know there's a time differential involved, and family to greet and collect, and unpacking to do, and that final sigh of regret to experience and savour as the real world draws nigh again. But we MISSED you! Both of you! (Who cares that we'd have only seen you once in the interim anyway... I, at least, felt the void out there in the ether of possibility.) Big long warm hugs & welcome home, friends!


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