Tuesday, March 08, 2005

03/09/05 Tuesday - Mundanity is Sexy

I may be in the minority of single people in America, but I think mundanity is sexy. Yeah, sure, I like a little spice.. a little flare.. a little "wow!" every now & then just like everyone else, but once my attention has been captured, one of the things that really keeps me interested in someone is their willingness & ability to share the things in their everyday life with another human being - me. Maybe it's because I'm honestly looking for a partner. If I'm lucky, I might even pick up a friend or two along the way (and should that happen, I'll do my best to give it appropriate focus!). However, that's really my relationship focus for the time being - a single significant other with whom to share lifes foibles for a good long time to come. Even with folks that are just great to talk to, what I'm looking for are people who are going to still be around in my life when my boobs hit the floor & my teeth are on the nightstand. If someone's gonna be around that long, then we better hope that one or both of us can make strained peas sound like a good time. I mean, THINK about it! Out of all the spectacular moments in your life that you can recall, how much actual time did those moments take? I figure if I really concentrate, I've got maybe an hour or two of reel time straight through. I'm pushing 36 -- that leaves roughly 315358 hours of stuff that wasn't all that "wow". Nothing necessarily wrong with it... it just wasn't anything that inspired fireworks anywhere. Yes, I like fireworks. Yes, I even need fireworks now & then. Yes, I probably wouldn't stay interested in anyone with whom there were NO fireworks at all. No, I don't want fireworks every single time I talk to them. The glue that holds the spectacular together is made up of tiny nothings... and the people who share those tiny nothings in a pleasant way, who flesh out the lives they share with me with reality, even mundanity, are the ones I want around when the spectacular comes to call.


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