Thursday, February 24, 2005

An Honest Personals Ad

Appearances can be deceiving
optical input, data receiving
fair of visage
soft of skin
I really am that shallow.

Make new friends, but keep the old
Friends, I said! Not
lovers, dolt
Why would you want someone that shallow?

Love of language and facility to use it
with a minimum of “dammits” and “%$#^its” and shit
lucid of tongue
facile of pen
I really am that shallow.

Passion’s fruits were ne’r so sweet
as just before become replete
soft persuasion, proclamation
anticipation, acclimation…
wish I were that shallow.

Cleanliness is next to holy
Yes, I’d dance with you… if only
sweet of breath
you must stink pretty
I really am that shallow.

Talk to me, communicate
all your dreams, thoughts, foibles, Fate
promises kept
cobwebs swept
really am that shallow.

Soothe the beast with a talent for music
pick a note & know how to use it
a gift for a verse
or can you dance?
I really am that shallow.

Loving is a tie that binds
unless an errant impulse finds
Don’t be.
I won’t be

I’ll never be that shallow.



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