Saturday, March 26, 2005

03/25/05 Saturday

A COMMENT!!! Just somebody bitching that I haven't written anything recent... but STILL. Hey... been busy... been not-inspired... been... um... lazy! Still am for that matter. I blame it solely on some new music I indulged myself in a couple of weeks ago -- I bought 5 or 6 new CD's, and absolutely ADORE three of them -- Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey has been lulling me into a warm summer day sort of lazy bliss whenever I'm in the car (other STL drivers would thank them if they knew)... Billy Joel's classical piano Fantasies & Delusions is providing a soothing vamp to everything I do around the house... and yesterday, Mezzanine's Massive Attack FINALLY arrived in the mail to jazz the lazy bliss into something else -- not quite sure what yet, but it's got a distinctly sexual undertone. I like it.

And THAT (to my lone commenter of the week) is all the music I've been enjoying. I'm still awaiting my hard-earned spoils of bloggdom with baited breath. Sue the USPS, hop a plane, or get your butt to the post office, mister! Come on, pleeeaaasse? Nobody wants a woman whose breath smells like worms! ("baited breath".. get it? Ha!)

Getting ready to take B to go visit the P's for Easter. Last night brought on a tearing-out-of-the-hair trip to the mall (& etc) for the prerequisite Easter Dress(es). Can't possibly take a little girl to visit her grandparents on Easter without an Easter Dress. And white gloves. Of course, once we got home, I found that the white shoes in her drawer don't fit any more, so back out to find shoes that will work with the dress, and I forgot we hadn't had supper so couldn't figure out why she was whining & tantruming all the way. I tried on a few dresses myself, and the combination of her being cranky and having to look at multiple disasters of me in dressing room mirrors... The whole experience was worse than braving the blue light special muggers at Christmas, let me tell you!

Now we're in the throes of packing. You'd never know how much angst goes into packing for a two day trip. It's easier to pack for a week or two -- people don't roll their eyes at you for showing up with three suitcases, a suit bag, a bag of toys, and a pillow when you're going for a week or two. But geez.... how to make up your mind re: what you MIGHT end up needing for two days?!?! We've got an Easter egg hunt this afternoon... at which someone is surely going to be taking cute little Easter egg hunt pictures... but it's COLD outside! Have you ever noticed that 98% of cute little easter dresses are SLEEVLESS? Even the little white sweaters that are supposed to be around to help keep 'em warm are short-sleeved this time of year. Supper with the parental P's tonight, to include some step-relatives we never see (with kids), which will, of course, bring on more picture taking. Since these kids never get together, a LOT of picture taking. After supper & some games, I'm sure I'll pop over to see a few friends from the ol' home town, which quite often leads to a few beers & etc out at one or both of the two decent bars available. It being a holiday weekend, there may even be something going on, since people come home for holidays. I can't possibly wear "church & pictures" sorts of clothes to go to the bars... gotta pack some fun clothes for that. Tomorrow of course, we have more Easter egg hunting in the morning, and then we'll go with the maternal side to hear their cantata at church, THEN out with them for Easter Sunday Brunch... and more pictures. (How'd you guess?) There's outfit #3...or 4.. (I'm losing count), and I'd better pack one extra each of "church" & "fun", 'cause if I don't, someone's gonna spill gravy all over the one I was counting on being able to wear a second time.

Gotta go -- the shower's running out of hot water, & B just told me she was "packing her toothbrush & stuff". Hmm... I'd better make sure I check to see what the "stuff" is. The cat probably doesn't want to go home for Easter.


Blogger Nino the Mindboggler said...

Well, I got your message on my answering machine so I assume you got to listen to the CDs on the trip.

What were you saying about "tease"?

10, 11, & 12 - slap & tickle?!?

Hope you've enjoyed them!


Monday, March 28, 2005 1:07:00 AM  
Blogger Cinnabar1 said...

I did! Now where am I going to drive to 'absorb' the second one? Hmmm....

Tease.. yes, I was saying something about that, wasn't I? Hmm....

Slap & Tickle: Yes, again! Wow... were your ears working! lol

:-* <----THOSE you're supposed to deliver in person ;-)

Friday, April 01, 2005 6:15:00 PM  

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