Sunday, January 28, 2007


You learn
to cry in silence
so that the
things that hide in the dark
cannot find you

If you breathe
long deep breaths
the deep racking sobs
sink into your stomach
and are absorbed
your shoulders may shake
But who can see them
where there is no lightness?
It's ok for tears to course
hot & silent
down your cheeks
pooling in the corners of your mouth

absorbed into your hair
and splattering tiny rivulets

into the crease between your breasts
Tears are silent
It is only your soul that screams
And who can hear that?
Except, of course
For the things that hide in the dark
But if you're silent
If you make no sound
Or only the tiniest whimper escapes
They might only leer at you
But keep to their own shadows
Until you cry out loud
An evil truce of sorts
A game of pounce

Poe would be delighted

And as a bonus
Once you've learned
this skill...
As an adult,
You won't wake your children
or, if it so happens,
the person sleeping beside you.
or walking beside you -
a different sort of sleeping


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