Monday, September 12, 2005

09/12/05 - Monday (Lazy Blogger)

Yeah.... lazy blogger I am I am. Well, to be fair, I WAS sans-PC for a good week while I argued vehemently with an upgrade to my virus software. As far as I know, I won... but it could also be like an argument with my daughter: I just THINK I've won, & it'll come back & bite me in the glutes later. A lot has gone on the last week or two, & I've done some "paper&penning" that may or may not make it out here.. maybe retroactively? dunno. ANYWAY! I really really need to take a digital pic of the sweet stuff my secret blogger sent me... she's so sweet! Uh.. whoever she is... ;-) I saw Gwen sent out a finger-shaking yesterday to slackers who STILL haven't sent out August, and while I'm not one of THOSE, I felt the backlash, 'cause I haven't done my share of bragging on my secret pal yet! So I'm going to pad my barefoot ass out to my car (with which I've also been arguing vehemently btw), get my digital camera & hopefully post that pic in a few minutes. Here I go!


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