Friday, December 16, 2005

12/15/2005 - Friday

Wow... what a week! Christmas draws nigh & life just seems to keep escalating until your head spins, doesn't it? Got your Christmas shopping done yet?

Christmas has all my life been my very favorite holiday, so finding myself less than spirited by now is a bit unusual. Between frantic attempts to handle end-of-year business, Christmas parties that ought to be fun, and personal quandries of both the familial and the amorous kind, I feel more than a bit verklempt. Even long hot baths & a glass of wine aren't cutting the mustard at the moment! Yoga might... if I could just get my heart onto the mat with me. Bashing Charr (
Guild Wars) seems to be an ever so slightly successful panacea this evening - if it only worked without putting a crick in my back! Bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan... I know: Quit complaining & FIX it! Well... some things don't fix. Others don't fix right away, and still others simply can't be fixed all by your lonesome. Everything that's fixable, I've fiddled with already. Everything else I have to sit back & let someone else (or SomeOne Else) handle. Fingers & toes are already crossed as many times as physics allow, & prayers are being carried Up by fragrant smoke 24/7. Thanks for the advice, though!

Have I mentioned that my B will be spending the holiday with her father this year? NO?! Well... it's the 1st in 5, and while I'm determined to be ecstatic for her (she'll have a great time!), there's a tiny massive wail of despair for me welling up deep deep inside me, scheduled to burst forth 12/24/05 at midnight proper. No Christmas decorations up in my house this year, and if a great deal on a flight out of the country dropped into my lap by the 23rd... maybe even the 24th, I'd grab my these-days-perpetually-packed-overnight-bag, toss in a handful of cash & a bottle of suntan lotion & I would be SO on that flight before you could say 23-skidoo!

Jim... I would kill to have Santa drop 1/2 a dozen more of your kick-ass mixes in my stocking this Christmas. (along with the mix detail, 'cause I'd never in a mil guess who/what they were) If homicide isn't your bag, what's the going price for happiness these days?


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