Wednesday, May 25, 2005

05/24/05 - Tuesday

OMG, but some days just SUCK! What a freakin' crappy-ass day. (Except lunch. Lunch was lovely.) It's been a curl up in the fetal position & just cry sort of day. And it's not even DONE yet! The cat took one look at me when I got home & ran.

Some people should be shot, others strung up by their big toes, a few tasks that I really think would be better served by some TNT..... I'd blame it on the full moon, but I'm rather fond of the moon.

Luckily, I have a wonderful friend who had a remarkably similar sort of day, & after some mutual commiseration, we decided that it would do us no good whatsoever to continue to whine & moan about our own lousy stinkin' crappy day because after one good bitch, that's just self-centered. Therefore, we agreed that sometime this evening, we would each go scream, rant, cry at the moon, fetal-up and quiver... whatever we felt like... but instead of bemoaning our own fate as we whimpered, we'd each think solely of the other, put ourselves in the other's shoes & try to appreciate how truly crappy THEY felt today, and vent as needed on the other person's behalf. An attempt at intrinsic empathy.

Gimme just a few more minutes & I'll give it a go.....


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