Wednesday, April 27, 2005

04/27/05 - Wednesday

Ketchup, ketchup... everybody needs a little ketchup now & then! Eh? That was "catch up", you say? Oh, sorry... my bad. ;-) Darn it.. here I thought we were going on a picnic or something. No, instead you just wanna know what the heck has been going on.

Life has been - busy! (Imagine that.) Spring tends to do that to a person. I always seem to get a burst of energy.. new life.. enthusiasm in the spring that sends me bounding out to the world (AWAY from the computer) to discover new nooks & crannies, fun things to do, bring new people into my life, and catch up with the old ones. Whether or not they're feeling the same sort of tiggerific "bounce", it seems to work both ways. Folks I hadn't talked to in ages seem to crawl out of the woodwork with smiles on their faces & affection to spare. There's the illusion that there is time to do EVERYTHING (except vaccum). I, however, know it won't last, under the "feast or famine" principle that always (yes, always) overtakes me. Once I get to enjoying the feast, famine will inevitably follow on its heels. And vice versa, of course. Ah well.. live for the moment! I will try to retro date a post or two to "catch up" sometime soon. Maybe even the ones I lost earlier. Maybe.

The one thing that I can virtually count on is that now that Spring has shown her face - even though she's shiving under the covers with me this week - the grass and the bushes in my yard will require frequent trimmings that I will have to struggle mightily to squeeze in between other far more enticing activities. Should my cup runneth over with enticing invitations, then small jungle creatures will begin to spontaneously morph into being in my yard, baring tiny teeth and lusting mightily after any ankles daring enough to brave the green overgrowth. Ok.. not really - I like my neighbors too much to let it get too out of hand. But darn it, it almost makes me wish I rented instead of owned. Almost.

Hey... anybody wanna mow my yard for me? We could maybe work it out in trade.... ;-) (lol)


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