Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Goals / Resolutions / Things to Strive For

  1. B: In word, deed, and thought, work on being softer & more gentle with my daughter.
  2. Self: Work to receive invitations into people's space, not take them; invite them into mine, not demand it. I want and need to know my presents and my presence are actually desired, not merely tolerated. (But do it without losing the hutzpah that is me -- Dial it down, not gone!)
  3. Self: Try to shift the focus of some of my need to give to others outwards towards people I do not know and balanced more evenly among all those I love instead of innundating those I care the most about & need the most from.
  4. Work: Plan my work rather than letting work plan my life... and do it so that my goals are successfully met before they are due.
  5. Entertaining: Cook a real meal at home 1x per month, invite someone(s) to share.
  6. Yoga: 1 hour w/ a teacher at minimum once per month. 20 min sessions at least 3x per week.
  7. Music: 20 min at least 3x per week at home. Investigate options re: vocal/instrumental groups/sessions/lessons etc.
  8. Family: Dedicated one-on-one time with B, 20 min at least 4x per week. Activity/outing with extended family at least 1x per month (kid focus).
  9. Theatre: Attend 4+ performances. Take B to at least one.
  10. Love: Live it.


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