Sunday, July 01, 1990

An Ode to a Friend and in retrospect, a fair Wishlist for Life's Love

You asked me what I like of you
Most of all; the best
Often now I wonder
if perhaps I failed a test
For I said I liked you for accepting me
No matter what I be.
But now I find there's so much more
As I let my mind run free.

I like you for your honesty,
for your concientious care
I like you for your laughter,
and because you're willing to take a dare.
I like you for your passion
I like you for your peace.
I like you 'cause you're muddled
sometimes a sheep in coyote's fleece.
I like you for your love of God,
and for your love of Man.
I like you for your Honor,
and for your care of a lady's hand.
I like you for your vision
Your imagination's wide.
I like you 'cause you're learn-ed
and because I know you've cried.
I like you 'cause you touch me
and let me run my fingers thru your hair.
I like you 'cause I love you
and 'cause I know you care.
I like you 'cause you talk to me
and share your life and thoughts
I like you for creations
with your heart and mind you've wrought.

All these things, there's more, and yet,
When my list is through,
I still find I fail to tell you:
What I love most of you....
Is you.


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