Sunday, July 01, 1990

My Parent's Divorce, 1989 Part I

A bowl of blackberries sits in my fridge.
They're molding in the middle.
And I feel bad.
I'm afraid I've hurt their feelings.
They were good blackberries.
Fresh and ripe and juicy, picked in their prime.
I nibbled one or two.
But mom brought them.

She sits in my old life.
It's rotten in the middle.
I know I've hurt her feelings.
She was a good mom.
Full of fresh ideas, ripe thoughts, juicy laughter
.... held us in her prime.
She had us two... Kerstin & I.
But Graham bought her.

He sits in her new life.
It's rotten in the middle.
I think it's hurt my loving.
It was a good loving ---
Fresh and ripe and juicy -- young and in the prime of life.
Getting ready to try a twosome.

But that's in cold storage now
A new life is thawing on the counter.
I hope it's not gotten freezer burn.


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